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What is Guided Drawing ®?

Guided Drawing® (Elbrecht, 2018) is a form of bilateral drawing which uses both hands to create images with pastels, crayons, chalk, or paint as a way to release feelings and emotions stored in the body. In Guided Drawing®, you can recreate the tension that you feel in your body through repetitive movements on the paper so that it can be released (Elbrecht, 2018; Malchiodi, 2020).

Using art in this medium can help take your physiological body symptoms and experiences from PTSD and other traumas and release them through drawing by shapes and movements. These shapes and movements are meant to help release emotions and finish a "fight or flight" response that may be causing lingering trauma symptoms. 

Painted therapy picture.

More About Guided Drawing ®

According to psychoanalyst Carl Jung, we all have a deep innate desire for healing. Most of us, at some point in our lives are going to experience trauma. We can't change trauma. We can't change what happened to us. But we can work towards recalibration of our bodies. This is where Guided Drawing® comes in.

You do not need to suffer to gain healing! My goal is to help heal at a cellular level and to tackle the trauma response where it has been stored and stuck. There is relief from the shackles of trauma!

Short Video of Guided Drawing®

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